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Work permits

Obtaining a work permit for contractors form the original 15 EU member states is a straightforward process. It is more difficult for citizens from the new EU entrant states to come and work in Switzerland and much more difficult for non-EU nationals. Citizens from the original EU member states may work in Switzerland for up to 90 days without a permit. After 90 days they must hold a valid permit.

Other nationals must hold an authorisation to obtain a work permit before arriving in Switzerland and requirements will vary from canton to canton.

Permits generally given to contractors are L permits based upon a fixed contract duration or B permits where the position is continuing. 120-day permits may be applicable in some circumstances.

In order to obtain a permit there needs to be a Swiss employer who will place the contractor on a Swiss payroll. Such employers must hold an authorisation and provide a guarantee to the authorities of CHF 100,000. The Swiss labour leasing company MUST invoice the Swiss client and not a foreign recruitment company based abroad