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Contractor services

Switzerland is a wonderfully rewarding country in which to live and work, but it's also a minefield of complicated rules and regulations, permits and licences.

The way in which temporary workers are employed and managed is different to most other countries.  Even if you're already an experienced contractor with knowledge of working elsewhere in Europe - then be prepared to throw away the rule book - Switzerland is different!

The law

A contractor or temporary worker cannot work for a Swiss-based company and be paid via a Recruitment Company based outside of Switzerland. Similarly, he or she cannot be supplied by any company that is not authorised to lease labour in Switzerland.

Any Contractor or Temporary worker wishing to work for a Swiss-based company must, therefore, operate through a Swiss management company that is authorised to lease labour in Switzerland.

That's where Swissroll can help!

Swissroll can employ you through our Swiss payroll, obtain your work permit, arrange tailored Health Cover and ensure you are fully compliant and up to date with your taxes and social security.

We remove the burden of tax and legal compliance, allowing workers to spend their free time enjoying the lifestyle, rather than form-filling.