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Services summary

Labour Leasing in Switzerland (AUG) is a minefield of complicated rules and regulations which specifically governs the way in which temporary workers are employed and managed

Our solutions help contractors maximise revenue while contracting abroad. We assist contractors to achieve more in the market by way of optimum tax planning and income handling in their home and work countries.

Swissroll offers:

  • Solutions precisely geared to the clients' needs; we do not operate one-size-fits all for our own convenience.
  • Our custom, end-to-end solutions are compliant, flexible and uncomplicated.
  • Automated timesheet, invoicing, payroll and payments system to ensure we follow the contractor's instructions faultlessly.
  • To manage invoices generated and their payment due dates and ensure that the amount is received fully and on time.
  • Access to the best banking system in the world. We can assist you to open a Swiss bank account if necessary. We can also pay you anywhere you want and in most major currencies.